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Scott Carson
Note Buying Blueprint

Learn the secrets of Note Investing directly from Scott Carson, who has closed over 1,000 note deals,   Find out how to buy real estate assets for PENNIES on the DOLLAR.  Whether you want to use your IRA, your own savings, or other people's money (OPM), Scott will show you EXACTLY what resources he uses to find, close, and profit.  He walks you through his system step-by-step.

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Note Buying Blueprint

The Most Comprehensive Note Investment Training EVER! 

Module #1 Introduction to Note Buying

The Market: PAST

The Market: PRESENT

The Market: FUTURE

How to Do 20 Deals in 12 Months to Make 6-Figures

Module #2 Finding Notes

The 9 Different Places to Look to Find Notes to Buy

MLS & Realtors

County Clerk & Recorder

Foreclosure List Service

Distressed Assets & Short Sales

Finding: How to Reach the Right Banks

Finding: Which Banks to Call

Finding: Calling Banks - LinkedIN

Finding: Calling Banks

Online Resources

Online Resources to Use in Your Due Diligence

Your Scripts & What to Say and What NOT to Say

Short Evaluation Checklist

Long Evaluation Checklist

Module #3 Getting Your Deals Funded

Social Media Websites/Groups for Crowdfunding

How to Raise Money from Family & Friends and People Who Trust You

3 Sample Deals Showing What to Expect When Investing in Notes for Investors

How to Set Up Your IRA to Buy Real Estate

Our Proven System to Find IRA Investors Who are Itching to Do Deals

Module #4 Exit Strategies - How to Profit From Selling Notes

The 9 Exit Strategies and How to Use Each One

#1 Wholesaling

#2 Reinstatement

#3 Modification

#4 Loan Assumption

#5 Short Sale

#6 Deed In Lieu

#7 Foreclosure

#8 Selling The Note

#9 Reperforming Note Sale

Bonus Strategy: Self-Refinance


Building Your Team of Experts & Vendors


How to Tap Into "Free Government Money" Programs Which Will Pay You to Work With Your Borrowers

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FREE ticket to a Virtual 3-Day Note Buying Workshop ($599 value)

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