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  Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Get Started in Note Investing
  How to Use Other People's Money or Your Own IRA to Make Money Investing
  How to Beat the Banks at Their Own Game
  The Templates, Contracts, Checklists that I've Used to Close Over 1,000 Deals
Learn the secrets of Note Investing directly from Scott Carson, who has closed over 1,000 note deals. 

Find out how to buy real estate assets for PENNIES on the DOLLAR.

Whether you want to use your IRA, your own savings, or other people's money (OPM), Scott will show you EXACTLY what resources he uses to find, close, and profit from the TIDAL WAVE of "bad debt" that is hitting RIGHT NOW.

Don't MISS the chance to get in the "Note Game" before it's too late and SOMEONE ELSE gets all the
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I can request and receive a 100% refund of everything
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Here's what ELSE I'll receive by enrolling in the Note Buying Blueprint:
30 Day Note Basics Training
Learn the fundamentals of the Note Investing World.  You won't find a better teacher or a better book out there that can bring you up to speed on note investing:
The ESSENTIALS to Evaluating Good Note Deals & Opportunities and How to Spot Them Before Anyone Else...
The ESSENTIALS of Contacting Banks &  Forging Relationships with Lenders
Discover How to Go from Note Nothing to Closing Your  First Note Deal
30 Day Note Marketing Training
 Learn how to get your Note Deals SOLD and FIND INVESTORS.  Learn exactly how to leverage social media and other channels to find capital and market your deals. This is critical if you don't have "Deep Pockets":
The COMPLETE Overview of Different Marketing Channels to Pursue
Maximize Your Reach While Minimizing Time & Money Spent
PRO LEVEL Tricks to Effective Blogging to Recruit Capital, Investors, Find Deals, and Get Deals Sold. 
30 Day Private Money Raising Training
The ONE Thing Every Great Note Investor Needs More Of - MONEY.  Finding and flipping deals becomes easy after a little experience.  Now, you must Raise Money to Raise Your Game:
Identify Your Best Investors - There's More Than You Think!
Break the Ice
The Professional  (low-pressure) Way to Ask For Money and Get People Wanting to to Invest in Your Deals!!
Keys to Great Contract that Shares the Risk Fairly Between You and Your Partner
Get the Signature & Close the Deal
Regular Price $199
Regular Price $399
Regular Price $599
Mastermind Member Coaching Call
The Exclusive Round Table of Like Minded Note Investors that make up Scott's Mastermind group are full time note investors.  They have many years experience doing note deals.  And they can push your deal forward by MONTHS in just MINUTES:
Get Experienced Advice Closing Your First Deal and Avoid Common Pitfalls
Put Yourself in the HOT SEAT and Find Out If You Are Asking All The Right Questions
Accomplish MONTHS of Progress in Just a Few Minutes by Speaking With One of Our Experts
Note Buying For Dummies 
VIRTUAL Workshop
 A 3-Day Note Power Session Can Fuel Your YEAR of Note Deals and give you a fresh BOOST.  Hundreds of fellow Note Investors meet several times every year in our Virtual Workshops:
3 Day, Ongoing Live with Full Access to a Recording so You Won't Miss Anything
Hear Note Deal Details from Others at
  All Stages of the Process
Grow Your NETWORK of Dealmakers;
Get In On Their Deals, Help Fund Your Deals
Learn How Scott Carson Evaluates a Deal
Regular Price $499
Regular Price $599
FREE Bonuses Worth $2,295 When You Enroll
By accepting this offer, I understand that after 60 days my Note Buying Blueprint Membership will automatically continue and my credit card will be billed the lowest rate of $59.97 per month.  Please use the payment information below to cover my monthly subscription.

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